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Premium Real Estate and Property Developers in Portugal

Portugal is ever-growing with its state-of-the-art infrastructure, including residential, recreational, and commercial properties. The Portuguese property market is a lucrative one, and it is worth investing in. Whether you are looking for luxury properties or more affordable ones, Portugal has something for everyone.


We are a real estate company based in Lisbon, Portugal, led by international real estate developers in Portugal and hospitality experts specializing in residential and commercial real estate construction. We also specialize in real estate asset management through the sale, purchase, lease, and acquisition of real estate properties.

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Príncipe Real

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Possession by October 2023


Portugal Golden Visa Program Update

Revised Policies, Better Opportunities

We are pleased to announce that we are developing a new product that will adhere to the new guidelines and requirements of the Portugal Golden Visa Program.

The Portugal Golden Visa Program is a residency-by-investment scheme that allows non-EU nationals to obtain a residence permit in Portugal by making a qualifying investment.

The Portuguese government recently announced changes to the Golden Visa Program, which will come into effect in 2023. These changes are designed to make the program more attractive to investors and to ensure that it continues to benefit the Portuguese economy.

Our new product will be designed to meet the requirements of the new Golden Visa Program. We will provide more information about our new product soon.

Why Strokes and Ground?

Strokes and Ground, a real estate developer in Portugal, is the best choice for anyone who is looking to buy a property in Portugal. The company has been in the industry for many years and has built an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality properties on time with excellent customer service. Strokes and Ground is a leader in the real estate development industry with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. It offers a wide range of projects for investment that are eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa.

The company also focuses on the construction and development of residential and commercial real estate and the management of real estate assets through sale, purchase, lease, and acquisition

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