Discover the picturesque plains, the land of fine marble, and incredible landscapes nestling in the heart of Portugal - Borba. Surrounded by olive groves and embraced by cork trees, the preserved traditions and culture are a giveaway into the rich history and bounty of Borba.

This undisturbed town holds every charm of conspicuous growth for any opportunist onlooking.


Located in the heart of Borba, the Convento da Luz is a 15th century cathedral with a rich heritage and intricate craftsmanship.

With preserved legacies and respected traditions, the church is a historic marvel with stone arches and columns reminiscent of romanesque architecture.

The exterior is characterised by the presence of beautiful medieval windows, offering an unique atmosphere of peace and tranquility, while the center stone of the Convento da Luz speaks to the history and essence of the place.

Paradise for wine connoisseurs

Borba, a sub-region of Alentejo has gained international popularity for the quality of its wines. With significant sunlight and warmth available, the region’s climate and soil are suitable for the growth of red grapes. Such red grapes are perfect for developing great wine complexity and concentration.

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Global wellness destination

Savor the best of what Borba offers while immersing yourself in healing therapies and luxurious spas.

Bring together an unparalleled wellness experience and a relaxing retreat for your mind, body and spirit.

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