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The Portuguese Non-Habitual Residents Regime

The Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) Portugal program is a tax regime that offers foreign residents and investors reduced tax rates and exemptions on some taxes.

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Advantages of NHR Regime

Flat Tax rate of just 20% on Personal Income over a 10-year period on certain Portuguese-source incomes (from determined professions and from self-employment*)

Tax Exemption on almost all foreign sources of income

Opportunity to have tax residency within the EU in a white-listed country

Exemption of tax on gifts or inheritance to direct family members

No wealth tax

Qualifying for the NHR status:

Investors who first acquire residency through the Golden Visa program can then become eligible for the NHR regime in Portugal. Your lawyer/Fiscal representative can register for NHR on your behalf.

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What documentation is required to prove residency?

NHR Documentation is simple.

The purchase deed of your property is adequate.

Submitting evidence to prove that you have been a tax resident in another country for the past 5 years

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