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What You Should Know About The Portugal Golden Visa?

Portugal Golden Visa

The Portugal Golden Visa is a program that grants a 5 years residency visa to foreigners who invest in the country. It was started in 2008 and has been very successful ever since. It was introduced in 2005, and since then it has been a popular option for people who want to invest in Portugal. In 2014, around one million people applied for a golden visa.

The program requires at least €280,000 to invest in a business or property to get a visa. The investor can also live and work in Portugal for up to five years.

What Are The 5 Amazing Things About The Portugal Golden Visa? As discussed above, the Portugal Golden Visa is a type of residence permit in Portugal for non-EU nationals who invest in the country. It allows its holders to live and work in Portugal for up to five years. Among the various benefits of the Portugal Golden Visa, the following are the most prominent ones:

1) It offers a gateway to Europe and avoids high taxes on your investments.

2) It allows applicants to work in Portugal for a period of five years before they must return to their home country.

3) It provides a fast and easy way for people who want to relocate or start a new business in Europe.

4) It provides an opportunity for foreigners who want to move permanently into Portugal with no residency requirements.

5) There are no language requirements.

The Pros and Cons of the Portuguese Golden Visa from an Investor's Perspective The Portuguese Golden Visa is one of the most attractive visas in Europe and has been popular among investors for years. With this visa, you can reside and work, while also becoming eligible for permanent residency in Portugal after meeting the requirements. Investors who invested in Portugal before January 1, 2019, are able to apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa without having to leave the country.


Residency: Investors can gain residency in Portugal by investing at least €280,000 into the country's economy. This investment can be made through real estate, business, or other investments. Investors also get free healthcare and are exempt from paying taxes on their investment earnings for 10 years.

Tax exemptions: Investors can save 12% on their income taxes by staying in Portugal for at least 3 years with this visa.

Healthcare: Investors will receive free healthcare from the National Health Service when they move into Portugal with this


Investors must apply for a visa before arriving in the country and cannot change their minds once they have arrived. In addition, if an investor invests less than €280,000, they will not be eligible for any benefits from the government, such as free healthcare or tax exemption on their investment earnings.

What You Should Know About the Portugal Golden Visa from an Applicant's Point of View

The Golden Visa program, which Portugal started in 2011, provides Portuguese citizens and permanent residents with the opportunity to obtain a residence permit by investing in real estate or funds. To get this visa, you must make a qualifying investment into either real estate or funds and hold the investment for five years.

To submit your application, it is advised to consult with a Portuguese Golden Visa consultant or Portugal real estate developers like Strokes & Ground to see what documentation you need on top of your investment.

Golden visa requirements The Golden Visa program is a European Union initiative designed to attract investment, improve the economy, and expand international trade. The Portuguese government facilitates this by offering residency rights to foreign entrepreneurs who meet certain criteria. To qualify for the program, you must fulfill the following Golden Visa requirements for Portugal:

  • You should not be a citizen of the European Union or Switzerland.

  • Minimum investment of €280,000.

  • Have no criminal record.

  • Spend a minimum of seven days in Portugal for the first year, then no less than 14 days each subsequent two-year period.

Summary Portugal's Golden Visa program is a great opportunity to invest in Europe. This is because Portugal has low taxes, an excellent business climate, and a stable economy. This program offers a fast track to residency in the European Union. You are eligible if you have at least 280,000 euros and can buy a property or start a business in Portugal. For more information, feel free to get in touch with Strokes & Ground.

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